About Citizens Financial "The Badges Broker"

Citizens Financial makes the homebuying process simple and easy. We are proud to be your premier and California headquartered mortgage broker. Over the years we have created a unique skill set by using a personal approach in understanding the community's needs.

With offices in Vacaville, Long Beach, and Upland we are able to provide home financing to all California citizens and honored to work with CDCR, Police Officers, First Responders, and members of the US Armed Services.

Hello, my name is Gregory Ritchie, the Broker and Owner of Citizens Financial, also referred as The Badges Broker. I have a drive to serve those who serve us and was honored with this special nickname, “The Badges Broker” from one of my clients.

This client was a lieutenant for a CDCR at CMF prison. He states, “We met with Ritche to refinance my mortgage and meet with my retirement goals. I am so lucky to have come to Citizens Financial because Ritchie noticed a huge problem with my Federal Tax Return, it was off by a whole decimal point. Instead of owing $4,000 for taxes it said I owed $40,000!! Ritchie fought hard for me, he even went to the IRS Regional Headquarters to solve this problem. After hours of being there they finally were able to amend the situation and after this day I told Ritchie, “You should call yourself “The Badges Broker” because of what you just did for me, and I know you would do this for anyone else.”

I have the drive to help others, and have chosen to work with local law enforcement agencies, first responders, and the US Armed forces for the last eleven years. It is extremely important to serve those who serve us and show your gratitude for those who work hard to keep us safe. These people put their lives on the line so I believe I have the duty of protecting them when it comes to the mortgage loan process.